Greetings Everyone!!!!

 We are excited to see all of you again! While we are looking forward to meeting your service needs, a lot of things have changed. Our state has given our industry some new regulations to follow in addition to our already stringent regulations. While we cannot guarantee your safety, we will certainly do our best to mitigate your risk while at the salon. Below you will find a list of what we are doing, what to expect, and how the salon will look. Together we can still have a great salon experience.

  • We may only operate at 50% capacity - Two stylists with one client each. We may at times double book, however, everyone will be at the socially distant requirement. 

  • Shifts will be staggered so that only two stylists will be in the salon at one time and will be at the 6ft social distancing requirement.

  • The salon servicing stations will be prepared, according to the regulations set, in between each guests arrival. This takes extra time and therefore lateness will not be tolerated. There is a sneeze guard in place at the front desk and on the manicure table.

  • All clients and personnel are required to wear masks during services. NO EXCEPTIONS. No lip or chin waxing may be done at this time.

  • No services will be performed on anyone who is feeling ill or is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

  • The magazines and refreshments have been removed.

  • There is no waiting area for guests.

  • There will be hand sanitizer placed throughout the salon for your usage.

  • Automatic faucet sensors have been placed at sinks for a no touch experience.

  • The retail shelves have been stripped. If you need a retail product please ask your technician. There is to be no talking at the shampoo bowl.

  • There are sections of the salon that are a no touch zone. If you need something please ask a technician.

  • We will still be accepting our customary forms of payment: Cash, check, credit card, gift cards. We have also eliminated a sign for purchase when using a credit card. We offer tap and pay for those of you have that benefit.

What to expect when you arrive for your appointment:
  • Please check with your technician for proper protocol when arriving for your appointment during the winter months.

  • Masks must be on before entering the building.

  • The staff member will hold the door for you and offer you hand sanitizer upon entering. You will be ushered to the technicians service station.

  • A purse is now permitted along with your electronic device. Your technician will let you know where to place your items. Please still refrain from answering your phone while services are being performed.

  • Any jewelry that you would remove for your service should be done before entering the building, or not worn to the salon.

  • Other than a caretaker or guardian, there will not be any other guests permitted in the salon, than the person being serviced.

  •  When using the restroom, please wash or sanitize your hands. You will be offered sanitizer any time you leave and return to the salon.

  • If you must discharge your nose, please do so in the restroom and wash your hands. You will be offered sanitizer any time you leave and return to the service station. * Please discuss any medical conditions with your technician.

  • If for some reason you have a coughing spasm, and are not sick, your technician will usher you off the main service floor.

  • Coats for the winter season: There is a coat rack inside the salon for your convenience. Your coat should be the only coat on the rack. If this is a concern, please leave your coat and other winter gear in your car.

What to expect when your service is complete:
  • Your new appointment will be made and payment rendered.

  • Please wait at your technicians service station or where directed until the front desk is free for you to check out.

  • Your technician will assist you with the door upon your exit.

We know this will be a different experience for you and for us. We appreciate that you will be conscientious of your actions and discussions while others are being serviced in the salon. The salon is not the place for controversial topics that are in the news. We could all be a little more thoughtful of others view points and understand that they may not share ours. After all, those subjects tend to drive our anxiety and the salon should be a place for you to cleanse negative energy and relax. Thank you in advance for being kind to one another.



We hope you will notice that we are doing our part to help keep you safe at the salon!


B the Nv Salon inc. Team